Norway Redfish Heads

“Premium Norway Redfish Heads: Expertly sourced from the crystal-clear waters of Norway, these redfish heads, each weighing approximately 250 grams (0.66 lbs), are instantly frozen at sea for optimal freshness. Ideal for lobster bait, they are available in bulk with flexible and reliable delivery options.”

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Norway Redfish Heads – Premium Lobster Bait

Experience the exceptional quality of our Norway Redfish Heads, meticulously sourced from the nutrient-rich waters of Norway. Known for their freshness and robust aroma, these redfish heads are an excellent choice for lobster bait. Each head is promptly frozen at sea to lock in freshness, ensuring their effectiveness in attracting lobsters. Embracing sustainable fishing practices, our Norway Redfish Heads are an environmentally responsible option for professional and recreational lobster fishermen. Available in bulk, they offer a perfect combination of quality and efficiency for your lobster fishing needs.

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Species Red Fish
Condition Frozen At Sea
Packaging Box
Weight Lbs
Delivery Time 3 Day(s)
Shipping Time 3 Week(s)
Packaging Material Paper Bag Multi Wall with a Polyethylene Liner
Packaging Presentation Condition J-Cut
Production Date 2023/01/10 to 2023/14/11
Amount in inventory 1000000
Minimum Orders Allowed 58000 Lbs
Maximum Orders Allowed 58000 Lbs
How Caught Factory Trawler
How and where processed Frozen At Sea

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