Icelandic Redfish Heads

“Fresh Frozen-at-Sea Redfish Heads: Ideal for lobster bait, these sustainably sourced redfish heads are immediately frozen at sea, ensuring freshness and effectiveness. Available in bulk with efficient CFR delivery.”

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Fresh Frozen-at-Sea Icelandic Redfish Heads – Ideal for Lobster Bait

Experience the excellence of our sustainably sourced Icelandic Redfish Heads, perfect for lobster bait. Harvested from the pristine waters of Iceland, our product includes a variety of species like the golden, beaked, and Norway redfish, each known for their unique habitats and behaviors.

Sustainably Sourced: Our redfish heads come from the world’s first MSC certified golden redfish fishery, ensuring sustainable and well-managed practices. This certification reflects our commitment to preserving marine ecosystems and protecting ocean floor habitats.

Quality and Freshness: Frozen immediately at sea, our redfish heads retain their natural aroma and freshness, making them highly effective for lobster fishing. Their diverse species, including the demersal golden redfish and the deep-dwelling beaked redfish, offer varied and enticing bait options.

Convenient and Reliable: Available in bulk, our product is ideal for both commercial and recreational lobster fishers. With our CFR (Cost and Freight) delivery option, we ensure efficient and responsible shipping to your preferred port.

Choose our Fresh Frozen-at-Sea Icelandic Redfish Heads for an eco-friendly, effective, and high-quality lobster bait solution.

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Species Red Fish
Condition Frozen At Sea
Packaging Box
Weight Lbs
Delivery Time 3 Day(s)
Shipping Time 3 Week(s)
Packaging Material Card Board Box
Packaging Presentation Condition J-Cut
Production Date 2023/15/10 to 2023/31/10
Amount in inventory 1000000
Minimum Orders Allowed 58000 Lbs
Maximum Orders Allowed 58000 Lbs
How Caught Factory Trawler
How and where processed Frozen At Sea

“Delivery Options: We offer CFR (Cost and Freight) shipping, ensuring that the cost of transportation to your designated port is included. The responsibility for the goods transfers to you once they are loaded onto the shipping vessel, providing a straightforward and efficient delivery process.”